Business Analyst or Data Science as a Career


I was working in Support job in Hyderabad from past 2 years with little bit of SQL knowledge. Now i want to switch my career in Business Analyst or Data science but little bit confused which one is best and how to start preparing for it. Please suggest about it .

Thank you


Babysteps, pawarmoni.
I too worked as a SQL dev for a support project for close to 4 years, till somewhere in Nov 2017 I found motivation to pick up ML as my career path.
I started first with a self paced online learning…ususal youtubing for topics and working on some kaggle competitions.
Since I didn’t have a Masters in Maths/Stats (I was just a BCA grad), I took up NCFM certification course for Business Analysis, which was a classroom course, that ran for 12 weeks.

I am now an NCFM certified Business Analyst, working for a startup, and soon to pick up a Data Science course, once I get familiar enough with the technology.

Hope this helps.