Business Analytics Interview Questions

Respected Sir,
I am new in the field of analytics. I have done a base sas course and i am trying to find job on the basis of that.
Recently i faced ine interview in which interviewer asked me following question:
Interviewer : He said he just want to test my business intelligence . He gave me a case and said suppose there is a pizza shop and pizza shop has come with a offer that if he is delayed by 30 minutes in home deliveries he will deliver it for free…so as an analyst what would you suggest them either to accept or reject that offer.
Me : I said that i would look into the historical data and would figure out the delay time in the near by areas and would see the frequency of the customer after being delayed and the effect on the sales and then will decide that.
Interviewer: But you dont have any historical data and you have to take descision now.
ME: I will try this offer for a particular period of time and then will see its effect in sales if there is decrease then i would reject this offer.
Interviewer : But you find out that decrease is from some other reasons then?
I just want to know how to tackle these types of questions please help me and guide me how to prepare for the interview.
Pragya Singh