Business Analytics training Institutes - IBAT & COEPD



Hi All,

I am working in a investment bank as a finance functional analyst and wanted to move into a BA profile. Got to know few institutes like IBAT and COEPD for Business analyst professional program. Please suggest if these institutes worth doing a course for Rs 22000 and whether its a direction to move a career from ITES to Business analysis.



You need to understand the difference around two different roles, sadly both of them being called as business analyst .

1. Business Analytics (& data science): This analyst tries to solve business problems using data. In these roles, you will take up a business problem, find out the available data and mine it to find relevant business insights. Once you have them, you come up with a solution to solve these problems. In this role, you need to know statitstics, domain knowledge and coding to some extent. An evolved term for these roles in data scientist.

2. Software business anlayst. In these roles, you co-ordinate as a bridge between business users and software developers. You take business user requirement and convert them into technical specification for a software engineer.

There are only 2 things common in these roles - the designation and the fact that both roles are customer facing.

This forum is focused on the first kind, while the training institutes you mentioned focus on the second kind.

If you want to know data science and Business analytics training institutes, here is a good curation to start:

Hope this helps