Bussiness Analytics certification course in S P Jain


Hello , I am a 2015 btech graduate,Currently workimg in sales domain, with no experience in the field of bussines analytics and big data…I am interested to shift to this domain and hence I applied for certification programme provided by S P Jain school of global management
Please tell me whether the programme is worth goin for…I wanted a proper opinion as the fee is very high (7lakh) and I want to reassure that it’s a good investment



There is no such thing as a proper opinion.

Please ask specific questions about the information you would want to make decision and people might help you with it.

Also, provide more background about yourself. What is the B.Tech. in? Where did you do your B.Tech. from? Why do you want to shift in? What sort of financial commitments do you have?

Don’t expect people to take decisions on your basis.



Hello sir,
I am Btech chemical engineering graduate from SRM University, chennai.the reason for shift is the Interest in the field and I have also researched about it on the internet.I don’t have any financial commitments however I am taking a loan to pursue this course
The specific concern is whether the curriculum provided by the college is good and the averge package for someone of my credentials can expect after course completion.



If you start your pursuit in this field with package in mind you will always fall short. Remember most of the courses these institute teach are open source and can be self taught. Still people choose full time to put maximum effort in gaining the skill. The risk is worth it for the field will explode in the years to come. Just the recent Times now vote analysis done on the back drop of data analysis if not analytics shows you the expansion of even simple BI tools.

If only you can relate the field of study to augment your field of specialization by education, you can be an exclusive profile even in your line of work.

Process/Process control, robotics, controlled release systems, surface analysis or any other fields in checmical engineering where even a simple time series can create better inference to make critical process changes is a direction i would look at applying data analytics course over your BTECH.

If you are thinking IT and service industry, you may be better of taking a job and then pursuing this course to move to more IT service related application.

Data science is applicable in every field that you can think of. Every field has a marketing and sales layer if not anything else