Call Center Optimization


Hello AV readers,


I read the case study on Call center optimization problem and found it really interesting.

I am also trying to solve similar problem in my current job(which has lots of data to look into, so what are the some of the starting points will you recommend) including:

  1. Customer retention
  2. Minimize churn rate
  3. Analyze post-sales data to generate insights etc.

Any pointers/articles/code in this regard would be really helpful.



Hello Kuber ,

I am not an expert, but a good start would be to do the following -

  1. Start with K means Clustering to identify the potential customers.
  2. Apply a Logistics Regression model to identify, who are the most potential to quit based on past behavior.

I hope this helps.



You have mentioned many problems here, it would be wise if you discuss one problem at one time. Anyways there are many articles on retention & churn. If u are good at using R try BTYD package for retention & churn thing & regarding post sales data, u can try with RFM algo for clustering & sales/churn predictions