Can a non java guy become a data scientist?


I have over 7 years of exp in Oracle(sql/plsql) and unix. However, I am not aware of Java or any OOPS language. What are my chances of becoming a data scientist. Is it a relevant career for me.?

Thanks in advance !!




There is no such requirement that you need to know Java to be a data scientist. Yes, it can help you when you are dealing with big data stack, but it is not a neccessity.

Having said that, knowledge of OOP will definitely matter, but you can pick it up over time. There are 2 ways in which you can start your journey as a data scientist:

  1. Undergo SAS certifications (Predictive modeling). SAS does not need OOP concepts, is quick to learn and still has a good market share. Once you get a break in industry, you can think of learning other stack like R or Python (don’t try doing this before).

  2. Start with data visualization softwares and become a BI expert. Tools like QlikView and Tableau are easy to learn and their demand is increasing by the day. Knowing them alone would not make you a data scientist, but would take you a step closer.

Hope this helps.