Can anyone suggest me some good institutes in Bangalore for Business Analyst course?


I am looking for a classroom course (2-3 months course). I have graduated with BE in Computer Science in 2015.



It would be great if you provide more detail about your self like:

  • Do you have background of statistics?

  • Do you want to go for online or offline model of training?

  • Do you know R or Python?




I do not have background in statistics.

I am planning to go for offline/classroom training.

I have done basics of R Programming from Coursera. (I would probably consider studying R programming again)

I am looking for institutes in Bangalore.



@Imran waiting for your response.



I am not aware of any good 2 - 3 month Business Analytics course running in Bangalore.

I think your best bet is to stick to the best online courses available - you can try out courses from Jigsaw or other institutes mentioned here:

You can also look at a certification from Praxis in Bangalore.

Hope this helps.