Can I prevent someone from copying the cell from worksheet in Excel?




I want to share the a template to users but want to restrict them to copy the content of cell, how can I perform this? Do I need to write some VBA code or there is some option available in Excel.




To perform this, you need to write VBA code for it and use command application.cutcopymode=False with various activity like sheetchange, selection, valuechange to disable the key combinations (e.g. Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V, Shift+Del, Shift+Insert ) that you don’t want used.



Hi @Rajiv_deshmukh,

Below are the steps those you can follow to restrict someone who want to copy the cell -

Step1: Open Macro editor view (press Alt+ F11)

Step2: Click on “This Workbook” --> Select Workbook --> SheetSelectionChange (in drop down menu). Here we will write program for any activity based on selection change.

Step3: Write command for deactivating copy cell content

Step4: Save the file and here you can not copy and paste the cell content from allowed range of protected sheet.