Can I start a career in DataScience after 8 years in Marketing/Markeing Analysis?



I am a MBA (Systems) Post Graduate with Mechanical Engineering in my graduation. I had been working in the field of Marketing, Market Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Business Development for last 8+ years and have gained considerable expertise in the said fields.
I have a good knowledge and experience in Statistics and BI Tools.
I had been related to the heavy engineering and manufacturing sector throughout my career.
Currently I am looking for a change in the field of Data Analytics/ Data Science.

What are my prospects regarding job Opportunities?
Plz Help.


Create a career path and answer questions around where you want to be in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. Unless you have a definite answer to the first two part, you will never be able to figure out if your decision to start a career in Data science is correct.

Secondly figure out what is a career in data science means. What you are saying above almost means a job in data science. Job and Career are two different things.