Can Qlikview or Tableau replace Excel Reporting?




I am working with a MIS team, we are responsible for business reporting. Here, we use excel for reporting and for database MS Access and SQL Sever. Team management is now planning to deploy a Business Intelligence product may be Qlikview or Tableau. I explored about both the tools, have great visualization features, power to move to more granular level and easily accessible from anywhere.

Do these BI tools minimize the efforts required on overall reporting and the adhoc requirements? :smile: Which one would be better choice - Qlikview or Tableau? As per Gartner report, Tableau is growing faster than Qlikview.




Yes…motive behind any BI implementation is to provide solution for regular and adhoc reporting both, these two tools provide the best solution among the competitor products.

Although, these tools provide solution for dynamic and static reporting both but can not replace excel. From end customer view, they extract data and perform small calculation at their end in excel only.

For comparision of Qlikview and Tableau, you can refer below discussion…




I would second what @Imran just mentioned. QlikView / Tableau & Excel sort of work in an ecosystem. Usually smaller organizations prefer Excel due to its flexibility and general applicability.

Even the organizations which have QlikView and Tableau, work along with excel. With a good implementation, the number of ad hoc requirements from customer should go down as they should be able to self serve a lot of these needs.

However, the distribution of these reports / dashboards is through web and people export it to excel for their own consumption.