Can somebody please suggest project idea combing Machine Learning and Bioinformatics



I am a working professional currently into cloud computing - CaaS/PaaS .

I am interested in doing a project work that’s worthy enough for publication in a good journal.

Can somebody please guide/mentor me .


Hi, @Sundeepk3 Bioinformatics is a good field where Machine Learning techniques can be used. Below is a list of ideas which can help you to contribute in the field of Bioinformatics using Machine Learning.

  1. Machine learning can be used for the problem of multiple sequence alignment which involves aligning many DNA or amino acid sequences in order to determine regions of similarity that could indicate a shared evolutionary history. It can also be used to detect and visualize genome rearrangements.
  2. Machine learning can be applied to proteomics problems such as protein side-chain prediction, protein loop modeling, and protein contact map prediction.

Hope this will help you.