Can someone explain the variable ‘attempts_range’?


Definition says " The variable ‘attempts_range’ denoted the range no. in which attempts the user made to get the solution accepted lies."

so if the value of the variable attempt range is 6 and what does this range signify >=10



From a high-level look, it seems that the feature attempts_range is a categorical feature. That means there are 1-6(six categories) which the problem setters have designed(probably for ease of understanding).

The “>=10” means that if you find value “6” anywhere in the column, the “user has attempted that question more than 10 times”

Hope this helps!
Sanad :slight_smile:


Hi Sanad,

A very late question given the date of your previous replies but if you can please help me in understanding the difference between “multiple attempts” and “multiple submissions” (also one of the variable in the user_data dataset). How is attempts at the first place captured?