Can we create a mobile or web based app using python?




Can I convert a python program in mobile or web based app? For example, I have created python program to find the prime number between a given range. Can I use this program to develop a mobile/ web based app?




Yes you can use Python to develop mobile and web applications. You will need to use specific libraries & libraries to ease the development. Here are a few libraries, I can recommend:

Web development:

  1. Django - The most popular web development framework. You can install django using pip / easy_install and there is a good tutorial on to start. While the framework is good, it comes with some overheads for creating simple application like the one you mentioned above.

  2. Tornado: This is a lightweight web development framework and can be the quickest to use for simple applications like the one you mentioned. This can also be used in asynchronous manner

Other popular frameworks include Flask, web2py and a few others.

Mobile app development:

Again, there might be multiple frameworks here, but kiwy is probably the most popular.

Hope this helps