Can we hide sheet tabs conditionally in Qlikview?




I want to hide the sheet of a Qlikview dashboard based on condition. If some click on a button respective tab gets visible. Please help me to hide/ unhide sheets tabs based on command buttons.




You can perform it in following steps:

Step 1: Create a variable and assign it any value. Go to Settings Menu --> Variable Overview ans click on add to create new variable.

Step 2: Go to sheet properties, under General Tab and write expression for Show sheet.

Note:- Sheet will be visible, if variable “Var_hide” value is 1.

Step 3: Create command button to change the value of variable “Var_hide”. Go to New sheet object -> Select Button --> Under Action tab, add action for changing variable value.

You can also refer below link on conditionally hide objects in Qlikview.

Hope this helps!