Can we participate in the closed contests at Analytics Vidhya?



I am new to the site and my query is Can we do past/closed hackathons for practice purpose ?

If Yes,how ?
If No,why ?



Hi @BeautifulCodes,

Though you cannot take part in previous hackathons, you can access the datasets of some of them. You can search for them in the discussion forum.



Hi @shashwat.2014 But what will I do with the data ? If I cannot check the accuracy of my prediction.Or is there any way to do so.Please enlight me on this



If you are not registered for a contest when its active, you cannot use the solution checker for that problem. Although you can always check out the practice problems and hackathons on data hack platform.



There are practice problems which are released on the platform for the purpose of practicing. You can register / use solution checker any time on them.

For non-practice hackathons, these datasets are sourced from industry live problems and are required not to be kept open as part of our agreement with these companies.

The solution checker to the closed hackthon remains available to people who registered for the competition.

Hope this helps.



Thanks a lot Kunal,What I have understood is that One should not forget registering to a contest if he wants to enjoy practicing it even after it is closed.Am I right ?


@kunal I have registered in some competetions when they were active but now, after they have closed, I can not use solution checker for them.

Is there change in the rules?

Is there any way to check the accuracy for the predictions?