Can we use Qlikview Objects and Metrics in powerpoint?




Having a Qlikview dashboard always helps to narrate the business story while deep diving the data at more granular level and compare to PPT preparation time, it takes no time. Can we take all of the dashboard charts and metrics in a MS PowerPoint? As it will help a lot to create the PowerPoint slide quickly for management presentation.

Thanks, Ravi



You can copy Qlikview Objects to powerpoint and paste it. There is three methods to copy the Qlikview objects and paste it to Microsoft Excel or powerpoint.

It will copy the object as a picture to clipboard then you can paste it to power point.

Here, you can copy the values of chart as data points and paste it to excel.

**Object:**When You copy the chart and dimesions as object and paste it to excel, you can select any value of dimension and it will change the chart as we do in Qlikview. For More detail on it, you can refer this video:

Hope this helps!