Can you suggest any good materials for Markov chains?



Hello people,
I’m doing an in-depth study of probability ground up. I’m stuck at Markov chains. I’m unable to grasp that concept. Please suggest me any books/videos/materials for the same. Also material suggestion for probability where things are explained from very fundamental principles is also encouraged :slight_smile:.



Hi @B.Rabbit

I have used markov chains in a cross channel attribution space so it may be very specific for you. I’m sure you must have done a basic google on it tilll now. I have a couple of documents that might help you in a general sense. Let me know if these help. You can reach out to me for further discussion on this.Markov.pdf (95.5 KB)
markov123.pdf (181.1 KB)


Sorry for the delay.

Here you go :


Hi ,
You can check out this videos series.It’s good for preliminary understandings.



Thank you!


Thank you! Appreciate your help :slight_smile: