Cannot Find Tutorial Data



Hello. I was following “A Complete Tutorial to learn Data Science in R from Scratch.” We are supposed to use the data “Big Mart Sales Prediction.” However, I cannot find that data on your site. Could you please direct me to the data that needs to be downloaded? Thank you.


hey, use this link

Register yourself and then you can download train, test and sample submission files.


can not login for download


@ekkachai- You can login only by creating an id in Analytics Vidhya and use the same id for login into data hack .

Hope this helps!



Well, it seems that dataset is unreachable due to hackathon has ended. That’s a pity, because I want to use it for making some fun fllowing the article,
Is it possible to either make it visible in hackathon details or put it somewhere else on public?


it seems that data set is unreachable due to hackathon has ended. Can you please mail the data sets to, if you have already downloaded.


Sorry for late reply, BigMart data is available with new learning Hackathon. Register yourself and play with data. Enjoy your day with BigMart.


Hi Ambuj,

I wanted to go thru the R tutorial, but dont seem to be able to get the Big Mart Sales data set. Is there a way i can get it so i can follow the tutorials?


can i register even if the hackathon is closed?