Career Change after having different experience


Hello, I am a hospitality management graduate but did not work anywhere in that sector…worked with MNCs as pension administrator where got interest on analytics side, good in analysis and want to switch on analytics career after having 5 years of experience on back office profile. Should I go for it as have much interested on this please guide ?


This is one question only you can answer. 5 years is a lot to set up a career. Now you will be ideally trying to switch a career. In this case your best bet is taking up one of the courses being offered in India which also does placement. It not only helps you learn but also helps you get a good head start in this career.

This is not an easy decision and requires lot of hard work to crack into the placement season. Means unless you are willing to 1) quit job, 2) Pay for studies 3) work hard 4) and ready to wait for 1 year for this switch.

The other option is to continue to do point 3 on your own( There are enough information available in web that any programs you do is getting redundant these days except for their connect to placement)

Study hard, find a way to get into your company IT and move slowly into the same track while building your analytical profile by participating and scoring high on various hackethons.