Career Change from C++ Developer to Data Scientist



How can I Switch my career from C++ Developer to Data Scientist. As I seen in Job Portals for Data Scientist they recruiting experience persons only. What if I’ve only Knowledge on Data Science and don’t have experience on it.
So, how can I switch my career to Data Scientist


Hello, i am experience in data scientist want to give you some suggestion to you that is you choose your career as data scientist after c++ development.
but you should consider some skill sets that you should have to become data scientst

  • Critical thinking
  • Coding
  • Math
  • Machine learning, deep learning, AI
  • Communication
  • Data architecture
  • Risk analysis, process improvement, systems engineering
  • Problem solving and good business intuition.

this skill are require to become data scientist. if you previously you work with development and know basic concepts of data scientist you know then its easy to understand all about data scientist.