Career decision before proceeding with a specific data analysis tool or joining a Business analytics course instead?



Brief about my background: I am a business intelligence analyst in a consulting company, where I have been working since last 4 months(I am kindof a fresher). I use ACL analytics tool, which is a Financial auditing tool targeting BFSI domain. Apart from ACL, we use Qlikview for the visualizations.

Now the Problem that I am facing and would need your suggestion for:
The tool is quite domain specific like I told, It focuses only BFSI. It has their proprietary language called ACL scripting, they say it’s a data analytics tool though. Should I go ahead with ACL analytics tool, would it be helpful in my analytics career, would I be missing something that other prominent tools like R, SAS, Python can do?

For reference here is a link to ACL analytics website: ACL Analytics

On the other hand my company doesn’t really get projects for Qlikview, so I am gonna be working on this ACL tools for next couple of years. Now Here What would be my value in the analytics market in next couple of years, if I continue to work with ACL?, just for your info it is a licensed tool as well.

I also have got an option to enroll in the Predictive business analytics course offered by Bridge school of management and Northwestern. Should I chuck my job off and go ahead with this course and get all the formal education through it or continue to work with ACL analytics tool at job?

Also there are more in the list of courses one from INSOFE hyderabad. Please help me taking a decision at this nascent stage of my analytics career, that I should get a formal education through courses first in this domain or keep on working at job with the tool I’ve mentioned ?(keeping all the above mentioned information in mind)

Your quick response would be appreciated!!:innocent:

Thanks in Advance,