Career growth of a business analyst and data scientist?

What exact difference will be in the career growth of a business analyst and data scientist?

@Zlatan The designations are being used very loosely in the industry, so while people might be using Business Analyst or Data Scientist - they might actually mean the other thing.

Here are the meanings / roles, which most of the people would agree to:

Business Analyst is expected to be someone who can co-ordinate with Business owners on one side and technical / statistical guys on the other. He should be able to understand the business requirement, convert it into a data / statistical problem, either solve it himself or get expert help as needed and then get business benefit by implementing those solutions. Typically business analysts would know the data infrastructure, but would not have a lot of say in choice of systems. The key skills required to excel in this role is structured thinking and ability to carve out data based solutions.

Data Scientists, on the other hand, would be more involved in technical aspects (compared to business analysts), would be expected to code himself. He could be the person on technical side, business analyst is dealing with.

In terms of career growth, business analyst can either go on to take a strategy role or specialize in business / data scientist roles. Data Scientist would go on to become Chief Data Officer / Data Scientist.

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@kunal Thanks again :smile:

Thanks, @kunal . This is precisely what I was asking for in this thread.

Could you please clarify
for becoming business analyst we should be expert in sas ,
for becoming data scientist we should be expert in hadoop and R
I will be waiting the response from you all sir.

@sonu, I don’t think that’s the case. R and SAS are tools that let you do statistical analysis. If your daily work involves a lot of that, you’ll have to be good at whichever tool the company uses. From what I understood from @kunal’s reply, in comparison to a “data scientist” a business analyst would do less of the analyses on a day-to-day basis (at least the nitty-gritty stuff anyway) but would have a high-level idea of the statistics and what that says about the business. (This of course does not mean that he or she need not know R, SAS, Hadoop etc.)

I am a Database programmer currently I am using sql, vbscript, SAS (Basic), I want to be a Business Analyst. Could you please guide me which one should I join,
I read the article in which Kunal sir has mentioned as Jigsaw a good training institute, so
… I went to jigsaw
they are offering two courses

  1. Foundation Course in Business AnalystExcel, SAS , Macro)(26k or 42k) video based training
  2. Data Scientist(R and Hadoop) ( 26k or 42 k) Video based training
    Once training will be over they will give placement assistance.

Could you please tell me the exact difference between both the courses.

Thank you in advance.

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