Career in Analytics post MBA from IIM / Tier I institute



Dear all,

I am currently pursuing my MBA (2nd year) in Indian Institute of Management . I have prior experience of 2 years in one of the IT MNCs. I want to pursue my career in Business analytics. I am learning R and Tableau now. But I am totally confused regarding the expectation from an MBA graduate. Should I focus on the tools and language or just the basics with business point of view.

Also, I am not sure whether I am going in the right direction. I don’t have any prior experience in analytics. It would be very helpful if you can guide me about the exact expectation in the corporate post MBA and the kind of work that can be offered.

Looking forward to your kind response.



Dear @Ashis

You are lucky to be from one of the premier institutes - you will find it less difficult to break into Business Analytics and Data Science roles.

I would recommend that you look at what excites you as a person, rather than what is expected from a MBA. If you enjoy doing hands on work and finding insights from the data, you should continue learning R and make sure you have worked on a few case studies / problems before you graduate. You should work on going more deep on a few projects.

On the other hand, it you enjoy client management / sales of analytics solutions to client, you should focus on gaining breadth rather than depth. Read a lot about what is happening in industry - how are people benefitting from anlaytics, which are the tools being used in industry, network with people through various events happening in the country.

Life is too small to live by expectation from other people :slight_smile: You will only excel when you do what you love and not what people expect you to do.



Thank you so much sir… The reason why i asked is , I am not finding it difficult to learn R. But my concern is , I would love to explore its application in the business domain. So after pondering over it i started learning Tableau which will help me express my views in a better and lucid manner.

Since i dont have a background in statistics, learning statistic and then learning a language will be little bit time consuming(although it is also possible. :slight_smile: ) .

So instead of competing with the data scientists i decided to go with the visualization and some basic knowledge of R and statistics.

Please guide me if I am approaching in the right direction…


Hi @Ashis - Hope you would have studied statistics for business in your core term. That should act as a starting point for your statistics knowledge. You can just extend the learning by looking on to linear and logistic regressions and some more advanced concepts when time permits you. Also you can try to opt for elective data mining course, if your school is offering. As you are already in a right place, this would suffice for you to break thru a career in analytics.