Career in Big Data for jobs in Australia


I am currently working as a senior research analyst and I want to pursue a career in Big Data. My work revolves around market research, analysis and knowledge management. I have a total of 8 years of experience in market research and pre sales.

Primarily I want to move to Australia and I think there are good opportunities for Big Data analysts in Australia as it has applications for mining companies.

I read somewhere in the forum that “Consulting / research would count more. May not be counted 100%, but healthy fraction would be considered.”

I don’t want to change my career path totally and think Big data would complement by experience in research

I really want some help to understand on how I should pursue this further. I have no experience in using any analytic tool


Probably you should start with Weka tool if you are a novice to coding.

BigData usually involves a good amount of coding in Python or Scala or R programming languages. I would advise you to start learning to code in Python as it is basically like learning programming using English words.

Download Anaconda Python unit and get a Dummies book and try to complete 10-15 pages each day. Practice and ask your questions here or on StackOverflow.

Also, make a Github profile and keep pushing the code that you are doing on a regular basis. All the best ahead.