Career Opportunities in Analytics for MBA freshers



I’ve started following Analytics Vidhya since a month and I’m sad that I missed out on such a facility earlier. I do check your blogs daily and in the last one month I’ve found a lot of direction and now I am a much more informed person. Thank you team for doing a great job! This is simplicity at its best!

I would like to provide a background so that you can better guide me. I did a B.Tech from a IIIT and then went on to do an MBA from one of the old IIMs (not ABC though). I have 6 months of Sales & Marketing experience but almost 0 experience in Analytics.

I’m continuously trying to upgrade my knowledge (at least theoretically) by learning new courses. Recently I’ve completed the Regression Models and R programming course from Coursera with distinction and have enrolled in a few more. Also I managed to clear Base SAS exam and would be taking the SAS Predictive Modeller exam in a month. I understand that courses cannot substitute practical experience.

I would like to seek your advice about what would be a correct approach to get a good analytics role in a company, especially for MBA freshers.

Thank you!