Career path for Data science & CFA?



I am working towards Chartered Financial Analyst level 2 right now .
My question: is there a career path where you see data science intersecting with cfa (other than quantitative finance ) ?


I would like to know the same. But gaurav, are u learning analytics as well? as you pursue your CFA?


I worked in analytics and big data for a year in my previous job ( not in the current job ) . Also took a small classroom course back then and created some basic models as homework assignments there .
Not working on analytics currently .



There are definitely paths where the 2 disciplines intersect - uses in stock trading is one such example. There is some exciting work happening in companies like Heckyl, which is just at the intersection of the two disciplines.

I guess the best route would be to continue till your L3 certification and pick up a few skills on data science / machine learning in parallel. If you can pull of both the things simultaneously…you have a bright future.

Hope this helps.



@kunal Can you Please give your perspective on FRM as well.

I mean , if with FRM , we get more BFSI Industry exposure, how would that help, for a budding Analytics Professional ?
Right now, I run analytics for BFSI Domain Clients. In the absence of typical MBA Finance, I am looking forward to add more weight to my skill as well as resume.


I have an investments as well as analytics background, so I can tell you of my experience. The obvious area where the combination of the two is useful is quant trading. But other than that I have felt that start ups in the fin tech space who need data science inputs, feel more comfortable working with a person with a combo (finance +analytics) background rather than a person with no financial background. Also, equity research teams who use fundamental analysis have only now started thinking about using analytics for their profit forecasts etc.So, I feel people with a CFA + Analytics background will soon start to be highly valued even in traditional equity research teams of investment banks.


And to add to Kunal’s point, I recently gave interview for Bloomberg’s Market Earning Estimates analyst post. They required CFA + machine learning. Since I am yet to be a CFA level 1, I wasn’t selected. But yes there is a lot of scope as Kunal rightly said.


Thanks @pramodtata184 . Which location was this job opening in ? Could you give me more specifics.


It was for Mumbai location


I am done with CFA all levels. I am also interested in data analytics as i already know VBA and SQL. Coulr you please tell me which is the best institute to pursue the same.