Career Path in data science / analytics



Question to experienced people,

What is the typical career path in the field of data science / analytics ?

Karthikeyan P



This is going to be a longish answer as the question is open ended.

Initial years as an analyst:

Typically, you start by assisting a team of experienced people and learning concepts on the job. The work would be mostly in individual capacity starting from plotting charts, creating presentation, executing automated codes, performing basic exploratory analysis and may be doing some hypothesis testing.

On the softer skills, you learn the importance of structured communications, project management, stakeholder management and the most important of all skills - Structured thinking

My experience in initial years:
When I started, I didn’t even knew Excel and SQL used to be the standard way of pulling data. Apart from Excel & SQL, I had to learn things like hypothesis testing, basics of designing statistical tests and structured thinking

After spending 2-3 years as an analyst:

By this time, you would start leading projects by co-coordinating with the clients directly. If you are in a consultancy set-up, you can expect a few trips to client’s site. You start learning and applying frameworks independently at this stage. You also start gaining depth in statistical modeling and some of the common pitfalls in analytics.

My Experience:
I was lucky that I changed my role with in Organization every 12 - 15 months. This gave me a lot of exposure on how analytics is being used in different areas and what are the kind of challenges you can expect during projects.

There are various paths, which open up from this stage. You can continue as a data scientist, in which case you typically learn more advanced tools and techniques. You can move in to business roles or strategy roles, where analytics is one of the tools you use. You can go on to become a statistician, solution architect, data visualization expert, big data expert, Pre-sales in consultancy setup.

Depending on your interest and expertise, the path can vary after that. If you have specific questions, I can answer them rather than covering each of these legs individually.



Hi @kunal sir,

The answer is exhaustive and this is sufficient for me at this stage.


Karthikeyan P