Career shift from business development to Data science


I have done my PGDM in the stream of Marketing and Analytics as my specializations , currently im working as an business development officer at leading financial institution , i just want to shift my career form BD to Data science. Will there be any issues in terms of jobs opportunities , if so kindly guide me & moreover what are the challenges will be faced . your valuable insights are appreciated. Thank you !



Not very long ago (A year back) I was facing the exactly the same issue. I have about 3.5 years of pure Business development experience (selling customized software and licences, believe me your’s is still decent) with a great company (Adobe systems) but was desperately looking to make a shift into busienss analytics since I knew at that time that it’s a future place to be. Did some sacrifices (left a good paying job) to get into MBA because it was the only solution for people like me who had no experience at all whatsoever about analytics.

The only difference that I see between our situation (past) is that I previously had no experience in analytics and thus it was hard for me to get into analytics. So I’d say, I had the opportunity but it was tough for me (got placed when about 80% of batch was already placed) to convert. However, you’ve lost a big opportunity as of now, because getting into analytics through college placements would’ve been a lot easier since you already did your MBA in analytics, but don’t be dishearten.

You’re still at a very good place, and can proceed to financial analytics if you still have knack for it.

But Anyways, here is what I’d suggest you as next steps:

  • If you already know R and Python, the you’re already steps ahead and you can move to step-2. If not, get into a course or two, and get yourself equipped with these two languages.

  • I’d say AnalyticsVidhya is “the” platform to start your analytics career with. People will say you’re missing out if you’re not on Kaggle, but believe me, that’s too high level and that may actually dishearten you if you start that big this early.

  • Start participating in analytics competition and not just participation but actually working toward getting some ranks. This will build up your profile.

  • Take some time to learn first because as I understand, you’re already at a very good place and financially wouldn’t have any worry to sustain yourself. Believe me, by being in financial world, you’re just gaining experience that will pay you off later.

  • Once you have confidence and have already done some full fledged project, go looking for job and I’m pretty sure you can get one.

Just think it, you did MBA in analytics and marketing and still managed to get a job in Finance, so you can do it later too. Just don’t rush to take a analyst job for the sake of being in Analytics job, you may end up just reporting and nothing else.

I hope I helped you in some way. Feel free to ask me anything.

BTW, I now work at one of the company in this list Top 10 Analytics companies you wish you worked for. so you can rest assured that I worked my ass off to shift from business development to business analytics, and the experience that I share is genuine.



Thank you Gaurav… Giving me your valuable insights from your experience …it was really a good info.