Career shift from Mainframes to Analytics




I am having 11+ years of experience as Technical Lead in Mainframes having experience in financial domain mostly banking.

I am looking for a career shift to Analytics. I already have experience in BASE SAS and Advances SAS (to an extent) on the Mainframe. Given my SAS knowledge I am thinking pursing the SAS route looks more easier for me however given my huge experience I would like to know if it is too late to get into Analytics especially an hands on Data scientist role ?

I am planning to enroll for Predictive Analytics course using SAS from SAS institute Hyderabd (lodestone). Does anyone have any idea if it worth doing it from here given their huge cost (75K) for the course ?

Thanks… Appreciate your help.


Mainframe SAS is different from Base SAS and SAS/STAT. Just enrolling into predictive analytics from SAS institute won’t help much. You need to have Statistical terms understanding first.



I would suggest that you have a look at some of the articles I had written before:

I would say that the transition would not be easy and you should not expect a job because you have undergone a certification from SAS.

Having said that, Predictive modeler certificate from SAS institute is one of the better certificates in the industry. It would carry weight on your CV and along with other sustained efforts, should be able to enable you to a transition.

Hope that helps.