Career Shift from Model Validation to Model Development


Hi Everyone,
I have done M.Sc. (Statistics) .I got hired from campus 2 years back. But the work experience that I acquired is more into model validation, risk aggregation, comparison across different banks losses, capital ratios. But my interest is more into model development and all. I am looking for a Job, that will give me opportunities to build models and pure analytics related stuff on a regular basis .How should I go about it ? Will my past work experience , act as an hindrance for me to get good opportunities.

I have build cross sell\upsell models as an intern.

I know base SAS, Spot fire, VBA .



I think this should be a relatively simple shift - all you have to do is make yourself indispensable for your manager and then ask for a shift in role.

If there are teams and people doing model development in your organization, you should move into that role naturally. In order to bolster your case, you should learn model development skills through various open courses and certifications available.

You can also look at doing Statistics I training available on, once you create your profile there.