Career shift to Big data analytics from Mainframes


Hi Kunal and everyone,

I have around 5+ years in Mainframes Application development. I want to switch my career to Big Data analyst wherein I can leverage my SQL skills. I have also taken up Big Data and Hadoop training on various concepts involving Hadoop concepts, Map Reduce, Pig, HIVE etc. But worked on a use case only in HIVEQL as I can relate to it easily. Please suggest the right way to shift over to Big Data analyst profile basis my previous experience and no proper industrial experience in Mainframes.



You should find out more use cases and applications of the concepts you already know.

You can check out the assignments of the course - Mining Massive datasets on Coursera!

You can also look at working on a few freelance projects / internships, which give you the experience - it will be very difficult to make a transition without you gain some experience yourself.

Hope that helps.



Thanks @kunal! Actually,since I have only prior experience of SQL thus was trying use case of HIVEQL. But also checked the course - Mining Massive datasets on Coursera and it involves lot of MapReduce which would be in Java. For switching to Big Data Analyst profile, is learning Java also essential?


You should have joined training who provide more live data/use
cases to practice. My friend is also from Mainframe and he has changed his
career to Hadoop. He had completed his Hadoop training in Pune
from SkyBird Technology .

He said SkyBird Technology provide 32 node Hadoop cluster
and live data for practice.