Career Shift to Data Analytics Without Actual Hands-on Experience



Hi Team,

I am a big fan of this website and I really appreciate the work @kunal and his team is doing.

I am Data Analytics Enthusiast, with knowledge of Python, Statistics and Data Science Methodology (from courses and tutorials available online).

I have more than 5 Years of experience of playing with Data as ETL & Database Developer(Informatica, SSIS, Oracle and SQL Server).

Please guide me, as in how can I fetch a Job in the Data Analytics Industry.

I have few very generic questions for this career shift

  1. switching to Data Analytics profile without actual hands-on experience is possible?
  2. how can I gain employers attention without actual hands-on experience?
  3. can hackathons and competitions on platform like Kaggle help in getting a job in the industry?
  4. SAS has market dominance, atleast in India. Pursuing Python is a good decision? If No, kindly suggest few good online / offline courses for SAS