Career Suggestion for SAS Certification



Hi everyone,
I’m a (Computer Science) fresher with tier-3 college. In my starting years of I was quite curious and often filled with questions but teachers usually failed to answer them, this developed a negative attitude towards college and teachers. I started learning my own things which led to poor internals consequently poor marks sheet.
During my last semester I started to develop interest in data science and got focused in that field.I even left my college placements. Now I’m facing very hard time as I don’t have any job neither it seems that any company will prefer me for analytics. One of my friend suggested for SAS base programmer certification. Will it help me in getting job and start my career in analytics?
Will it be wise to go for software developer or any other profile for a while and come back to analytics after gaining some experience or should I stick to it and hope for something good to happen?
Skills: C,PHP,HTML5/CSS3,SQL,Python,R
Kindly guide me.


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Base SAS will surely help you ,but you need to learn the concepts of data mining in depth. If you have a job right now do your job and simultaneously brush up your analytical skills, once you feel confident about it change your job profile.(Note: Most of the companies prefer an experienced person so it will be good if you have a work experience)


Thanx buddy. This seems nice advice I’ll work on it. Again does any work experience count


Work experience will surely help you build an attitude towards the Business problem and how the real business world works. So it will surely help you.