Career switch to data analytics after 12 years of IT exp

Hi All,

Could you please guide me with my career query?
I am working on IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Contact Center technology which falls under the ambit of CRM. It’s a skill set where we are responsible for deploying and maintaining contact center environments and strategies for the client’s customer interactions. To make it easy to understand - when you call to your Bank’s contact center using the toll free numbers, your call would hit the contact center platform which is used by your bank. These platforms can be from any of the vendors like Cisco, Genesys, Avaya etc.

I have experience of 11.5 years now and have been with MNC’s throughout the tenure. I got vendor certified on reporting product suite provided by the vendor for contact center reporting. I have worked in the past (5-6 years ago) on migrating the client’s contact center reporting platform from Oracle reporting to SAP BOXI platform where the reports were created from scratch in webi and modified the universe in universe designer to suit the reporting needs.

Currently, I am looking to grow with the future oriented technologies.
a) Would it be right move for me to switch to data analytics career? Can a one-time end-to-end reporting experience be helpful in future job hunting?
b) Will my experience of 11.5 be a hindrance to the prospective employers?
c) Are there demands for 11+ years of data analytics resources?

Your thoughts would really help me in taking next decision. Thank you!

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