Career Transition Advice - from Accounting to Data Science


I’m new to AV. I am an accoutant from Washington DC area. I have ten years of experience in the accounting field and hold a mid management position at a respectable international non-profit organization. Recently I have put a lot of thought into career switch and would like to get into data science/analytics. I have no background in IT or experience with coding. I have two questions -

  1. I reviewed the 2017 learning plan and am very grateful for such a great resource. The problem is I am not disciplied person so I need a more structured format. Do you suggest obtaining a degree/certification or some sort of program ( ex-JHU Data Science) that follows the learning path very closely?
  2. Assuming I follow the learning path and successfully complete it, what are the chances of getting hired at a salary ~ $80K? Most of job ad requires 5-6 years of experience. Would I be able to break into the field?
    Thanks a lot.