Career Transition From .Net Developer to Data Science in US



I am .Net developer with 10+ year experience, currently working in US. I want to get into Data Science but my constraint is that I can not leave my job to study. But I am willing to put my time & effort on part time & online courses. My concern is that I can not afford to loose job while making the transition to Data Science field. Here are some query I have

  1. Should I start with career transition to Hadoop or any other programming related field as i have base of programming?
  2. Should I take certification to prove my ability in these technology?
  3. Which online course are suggested?
  4. I was thinking of taking the statistics related course in community college or coursera or edx?
  5. How is this course for me to start Edx Microsoft Data science course?

I am willing to learn and put my effort . But i need to know the right direction.

Please advice



First of all, you should not even think of leaving your job immediately. With some one at your life stage, it might unnecessarily create financial pressure. Also, transition would not be easy for you even after you complete a few courses.

Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. Transitioning in Big Data side of things (Hadoop) can be a good middle ground, where you don’t lose your past experience and at the same time it is connected to data science.

  2. You should. But don’t look at them as a solution to every problem you will face. They will be able to provide you with a structure and help you gain some points on your CV

  3. You can start with some open courses to start gearing up yourself. You can check out the ones on Big Data University to start with. Once you have got a better grip of the domain, you can invest some money in taking mentorship / guidance / classroom courses or bootcamps

  4. You can start that - you can also check out the statistics courses on Udacity. They explain a lot of concepts in simple interactive manner.

  5. I think you can start with the courses mentioned above.

Hope this helps.