Career transition Question


I have 15 years of work experience in Oracle, ERP, pl sql and last 1 year started self transition into analytics. Currently I am working mainly on R and Shiny with HTML and JS. I built decent R knowledge on my own last 8-9 months but with no background on Javascript and HTML, struggling on the GUI.

My question is how important is to ramp up on Javascript to get a foothold on analytics.

I was more interested on the algorithms though. I am currently undergoing business analytics 1 year course starting January.

All feedback welcome.


Hi @rumsinha

What you should keep in mind is most of the companies have one analytics platform, which is associated with one development environment. For example SAP BI and business object or Fiora.
On the other side R is very rarely used for analytics, if you have experience in ERP I would advise to complement your skill with the BI analytics tools associated with this ERP.
Hope this help.


Hi @rumsinha , @Lesaffrea

I see that R is commercialized by all Software Vendor including Oracle, So Oracle Apps BI Analytics are more into BI reporting and dashboarding, no up to my knowledge no data science features (Advanced/Predictive).

My recommendation is to stick to Oracle Big Data Cloud Service as it leverages R, check it, you might not be in need to JS to customie Shiny Apps. So in short, explore it first, you might find a JDeveloper Extension to interface with R. (as Microsoft did with Visual Studio)

Best of Luck and hope this helps.
Islam Ibrahim