Career Transition


Hello All,

Myself is Anwar and previously i have worked as RF telecom engineer in India and as well as abroad.combinely i have 5+ years of experience in Telecom.Now i have got trained in Data science and i have learn it from basic mathematics ,statistics and then i moved to Descriptive and Inferential statistics like confidence intervals ,Anamoly detection, Hypthesis test and ANOVA.after this i gained knowledge in prediction analysis likewise SLR,MLR,GLM, and few Machine learning concepts CART,Classifiers and SVM.Also i have good hold on SQL and R programming.

Now i am just only worried that because of my telecom background how hard it would be to get a kick start in Data Analytics as when i gone through few opening they been asking the relevant IT experience.

So i need few useful guidelines to get myself as Data analyst in this modern IT world.or pass me some suggestions on this email :


Hi @Khan_DS

I dont think your experience of Telecom will hamper your career in Data science, I think it will help you make decision more accurately than other people in thie Telecom industry . I am also an Electronics and Communication engineer and i dont find any difficulty finding job in Data science field . So my suggestion is best of luck you will surely get a good job in DS field. During the Interview most of the person will ask Basic things related to DS so stick to the Basics.



Career transition is already discussed lot many times on Analytics Vidhya. Please see Link to webinar


Thanks Hunaid bro.

can you share me your contact details on my maild?Please id