Case Study For Freshers (Level : Medium) – Call Center Optimization

In the case study ‘Case Study For Freshers (Level : Medium) – Call Center Optimization’ though I understood a new algorithm ‘Hungarian Method’ ,
but by solving the same by Solver(Excel) , I get min time per customer=10.42 .

I took Decision variables(7*7) as binary i.e if caller 1 is assigned customer 6,then xij(I=1,j=6)=1 and rest all 6 column in i=1 row(i.e for caller 1) = 0 (i.e caller one is assigned only one customer 6) . For simplicity I initialized all diagnols as 1 and got the same baseline solution.

My objective function was to minimize the sumproduct(all row of decision variable to corresponding row of initial time matrix provided),so caller 1 customer 6 gets value (1*12)…

I did not understand what is really wrong with the solver computation (though it simply takes the minimum time in each row) ? and why that result differs from that of Hungarian Method (7.1 KB)


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