Certification in R



Hi Folks,

I have hands on in R and quiet comfortable with it. But I would like to add value to my resume via any certification. Could you please suggest any online course or certification in R which has recognition.




If I was in your place, I would just add projects and code on my GitHub profile. It would matter more than any certification.

If you are still looking for a certification - Analytics Edge course completion certificate might be a good choice. It would also involve competing in a Kaggle competition.



Thanks Kunal :slight_smile:


I agree with Kunal. Unfortunately, too many employers think there is safety in certification, and without it you may find yourself automatically (recruiters ML) excluded before any human even looks at your application. This is incredibly frustrating if you have many years of experience, from well before certification was cobbled together. Also, in some fields, there is a number of competing certifications that overlap, each costing a hefty amount to join (apart from the time taken).


Data Camp - Online certification for R


Thank you for your input…i am working as adviced


I would rate code academy better than data camp…but it has only Python not R


Data Camp gives hands on experience. For basics, it is very nice! For advanced level, you can opt for others.