Certifications in India to build a career in analytics



Hi all,

  1. Are there good Business Analytics/Data analytics programs
    that are offered by B-schools, apart from ISB? How is GLIM’s BA program?

  2. What is the pay-wise and profile wise difference when a MBA ( Analytics specialization ) grad is offered a analyst profile and PGDMA or MS in MBA grad is being offered a job?




Here are your answers:

  1. Yes, there are multiple programmes being offered. You can look at our ranking we released some time back: http://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2014/12/top-analytics-programs-india-2014-2015/ ISB is the best program. Depending on your city, you can look at GLIM / MISB program

  2. Not much to be honest. Both of them get considered as freshers in industry.



Hi Kunal,

regarding my 2nd question, don’t MBA grads learn more business oriented when it comes to analytics specialization and MS in BA or PGDBA guys learn more technical stuffs.? In that case, won’t the pay or designation differ?



You are assuming an ideal, information transparent world my friend!

Most of the PGDBA people have more experience in Business compared to MS in BA, so that would remove some of the bias you mention.




I read in another article that you can put in touch with students from GLIM PGDBA. Can you provide a few contacts?