Change in career path


Hi All,

I have primarily worked in SAP BO and Informatica ( primarily in BI) for around 9+ yrs with experience across multiple domains (Retail, Banking and Manufacturing). I am interested to learn analytics and gradually shift in the same especially in data analytics/data sceince.

I am not sure if with this experience should I make this change by moving away from SAP and learn analytics. Can experts share your experience and share some light on this it would be really helpful



First the good news - you have got more relevant experience than most of the people trying to make a transition. Also, experience of data management across domains can be a big plus as you would understand the client requirement well.

Not coming to how you can transition. There are 2 ways, I can think of. The choice of path depends on what kind of role you want:

  1. Looking for a hands on role in data science - In this case, I think the best bet is to stick the the SAP stack for now and give tools from SAP a try - SAP HANA can be a good starting point. It comes with predictive capabilities as well. You don’t move out of your past experience and strength and also make a transition into analytics.

  2. Looking for a managerial / consultant role: In this case, you can look at some of the certifications aimed towards business executives. ISB, Great Lakes, MISB Bocconi can be good choices depending on where you are based. These courses are aimed towards business executives, give you a good overview of analytics and can help you get a managerial / consultant role.

Just a word of caution - be prepared to put in a lot of hard work either ways.

Hope this helps.