Chatbot using R



Hi Friends,
I was wondering if any one has worked or created chat-bot using R , as i have seen so many resources for chat-bot using Python AIML but haven’t come across any chat-bot created using R.
If anyone has done it please let me know or let me know any resource related to it.




You can easily create a chatbot in any language that has certain library support. On a very high level, you need the following components for a chatbot -

  1. A platform where people can interact with your chatbot. Popular one nowadays is FB’s Messenger, Slack, etc.
  2. A server that continuously listens to your requests and responds appropriately. For this, you’d need libraries that help you send and receive HTTP requests over the internet.
  3. You’d need certain NLP libraries to help you preprocess incoming text into the form your ML model can understand.
  4. You’d also set up an ML model for any kinds of task you need.
  5. 3 and 4 will be initiated by your server based on the incoming query and the output of these will be picked up by the server and sent to the client(FB chat).

In short, any programming language that has these can be used to create a chatbot. On looking up for a chatbot using R, I found this link -

Hope this helps!
Sanad :slight_smile:


I’ve used LUIS of MS Azure and wrote an R client for it. Maybe this can help you.