Classification course in 2017 Work plan



Hi Kunal,

I am following the 2017 guide to become a data scientist. This message is regarding the course on Classification(Machine Learning: Classification by University of Washington). I am not sure why you guys added this course in the blog. It is not good. All the courses I did till here were so wonderful that it piqued me message you and request you to remove that. This course is so fast, it has covered nothing related to basics and technical part of the algorithm. I only did 1st week but I definitely recommend you guys to change it with a good one.

You guys are doing a wonderful job. Completely dependent on your posts.



Hi Priya,

Gald you found this guide useful. Out team has combined a list of courses of relevant topics, especially for beginners.

Regarding the course on classification by University of Washington, we will look into this and update with a course that is more beginner friendly. Thank you for the feedback.




Thanks for such a prompt response. To add on to your point, I would not have changed it to more beginner level but to a course which is a little more detailed. The first course by Andrew Ng is really nice. We need a course which extends from that point. The structure of the classification course is not a problem but how the person is explaining is the problem. It is not thorough and detailed. Hope I explained myself.
I am waiting for the more defined and technical course on logistic and with that hope i am moving forward to decision trees.



Hi Priya,

Thank you for the suggestions.