Clustering users based on apps he uses


I have prepared a dataset in which there are users and android apps installed on his device.
I have another dataset which has android apps and their score. A score is a number decided manually, which depicts how good an app is.
I am trying to cluster users into good,bad and average, based on the apps installed on his phone.

How should i approach this problem?

P.S: Sorry for the vague explanation.


Hi @dvik,

The first thing I would suggest you to do is to define the threshold of “goodness” for a person is. Decide in how would you map score of a mobile app to score of a person.

Once you have decided this, the problem can be converted into a supervised learning task, with labels as your person “goodness” score.

Then you have to create features which would help you map people to their score (for example, gender of a person, or his/her usage statistics of the app), which can help you classify these people into categories of the goodness.

Hope this helps.


It also depends on what metrics you are using for clustering them.