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Hi @kunal sir,

Can you please tell me how a cognitive computing different from machine learning and AI? What is the role a data scientist or a data analyst can play in the field of cognitive computing?

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Karthikeyan P


Hi @karthe1,

I think there’s a very fine line between cognitive computing and AI. Personally I think its the way your approach to solution matters more than technicalities.

In technical terms, you can say that they differ in how they try to solve problems. Cognitive computing tries to solve problems by simulating human thought process. For example, IBM Watson can be said as a cognitive system, which tries to understand a topic by summarizing the available data into knowledge and then tries to solve the problem.

Whereas AI tries to solve problems by taking into account both cognitive abilities and rationality. These four points aptly summarizes the multi-faceted view of AI: [1]

  • Systems that think like humans.
  • Systems that act like humans
  • Systems that think rationally.
  • Systems that act rationally

As far as I know, machine learning is a very small topic in comparison to cognitive computing & AI. Also ML could be said as a subset of both of them.

I think that there’s not a field where analytics cannot be applied. There’s “data” everywhere and we need people to “analyze” it!

Having said this, take look at an answer by a data scientist who worked in cognitive computing

Also, here’s a job description of “Data Scientist: Cognitive Computing”

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Thank you @jalFaizy This was an useful information, nicely articulated.