Complete Data Scientist course package?



Hello Kunal or any active user. I need some help deciding and will appreciate if you guys can give me some opinions.

I have just completed my BE in Mechanical Engineering and I am interested in becoming a Data Scientist. I read a few articles like and I couldn’t find any full time post graduate masters programs whose deadline isn’t gone (which I couldn’t meet as I was unaware of this stream and also I was preparing for my 8th sem exams).

So I checked online for my possible options and came across some private certification courses from Jigsaw, Edupristine, etc. I enquired at Edupristine and they explained me the details and told me about a 6 month weekend course which will cover Business Analytics, Data Visualisation, BigData and Hadoop, basics of Java and statistics (only as much as I will need) and practical case studies. All this for Rs 75k. I was very happy with it and was about to finalise when I came across your site. Reading through a few articles, I found your comment from 2014 about Edupristine which said that there have been mixed reviews from students and the time is too short.

I read one more article about certification courses for each program and found Jigsaw reappearing in most of those. So I checked for Jigsaw and liked it but it is unavailable in Mumbai. So now I am again confused as to what I should do. I want to avoid wasting my year and so I would like your opinion about the same.

As an interviewer, what are the key differences between a full time masters course vs certification course and does the interviewer show any preferences?
Also is there something like a full package for Data Scientist available from start to end in Mumbai (something like Edupristine is offering)?


Hi @Saem: I would strongly suggest you to not join any course untill and unless you do not have any exposure to anything related to DS, I would say start with some books like basic statistics, read upto Regression, logistic regression, then select some tool like python or R, start doing those lessons which you learned from books as practical, the only thing required is to grow is math, if you are strong in math just start with a book participate in competitions, follow some people and that’s it, enough things are already available in internet for free.

Regarding online vs full time course of data science

Currently I do not have any kind of exposure to DS, just an interest and an attraction due to good pay. Will it be better and possible for me if I follow the steps you mentioned and free online tools? Also do you have any suggestions for the books (anything from the top of your head)? I will google for more details in the direction you pointed me. Thanks.


Give it a try!

We can discuss this later