Confusion in determining significance of categorical variable using GLM function




When trying to predict Dependents variable using Married categorical variable(with values YES and NO), passing through GLM function gives following output

Estimate Std. Error z value Pr(>|z|)
(Intercept) -1.4933 0.1405 -10.62 <2e-16 ***
MarriedYes 1.7536 0.1623 10.81 <2e-16 ***

It doesn’t give any output for No value. What is the problem here ?



Hi @newton2304

The p-value for the variable is quite less. This means that the ‘variable’ Married is significant. Different levels won’t have different significance. Significance of a variable is meaningful in its own.
The matrix that you have got is correct.

See this:


So although its showing pvalue with YES value , the variable itself is significant. Right ?


Yes, thats right.


Hi @newton2304

Well when married NO the result will be the intercept as you will have Y= Intercept + 0 * Married Yes

Hope this help