Connecting external application to H-Base - Thrift vs. REST API



I have an external application (not written in Java), which I want to connect to H-Base. As I gather it, there are 2 ways of doing it:

  1. H-Base Thrift API
  2. H-Base Stargate (REST) API

I wanted to know, what are pros and cons of each of them? When should one be preferred over another? Any help would be greatly appreciated



Here are some differences / benefits I know of:

  1. Thrift API usually does smaller data exchange and hence is typically faster
  2. Stargate on the other hand offers wider integration

Normally, the guiding rule I use is that if you want to provide access / integration with third parties or larger ecosystem, then I will use Stargate. If you want controlled environment, you cna prefer Thrift.

Hope this helps