Correlation equivalent to find trend within one variable



I am trying to find the trend of a variable or a feature over a period of time. That is no of sales done by a sales representative over a period of time.

Lets say:

Year No.of.sales
2012 10
2013 12
2014 16
2015 18

Looking at this figures, I can say that, the performance of the sales representative is gradually increasing over the period. And, the no of sales are decreasing, then the performance is decreasing and so.on,.

I wanted a statistical method to find the trend within the single variables.

If I have two variables, then I would have seen Correlation. But, I need to see the trend of the sales. What is the statistical technique I can use, which gives me a standardized value.


Hi @Ashwanth_Daggula,

The technique you are trying to find is autocorrelation. It is usually used in time series models where the next instant is dependent on previous instant.

For example, the below graph is autocorrelated

Read more about autocorrelation in this article